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Why does the library charge fees?

First of all, you show consideration towards other users, when you hand in a book in time. Therefore, the library's charging of fees contains an element of behaviour regulation as we assume that reminder fees boost the inclination to return items in time.

Secondly, the library incurs some expenses through reminders and replacements which must be recovered. Half of these expenses are paid by the users who, for some reason, have not observed the loan period.

What does a replacement include?

Replacement is more labour-incentive than many believe.

For the sake of the user we must first make sure that the book has not already been put in its place. Afterwards, the lending code must be changed to make sure that other users cannot order the book which is now missing, the price of a replacement purchase must be found, and we must prepare an invoice.

Consequently, the sum of compensation per book is:

  • The price of the book
  • Administration fee per book: DKK 300
  • Fee for the forwarded invoice: DKK 150

It amounts to a total of DKK 450 + the replacement cost of the book.

What happens if the book is handed in at a later point?

If the user finds the book again, it is still the property of the library, and so it must be returned notwithstanding that damages have been paid. As a rule, we choose to repay the part of the damages which relate to the price of the book itself.

However, as the book at this point has been registered as being lost, so the library must re-register the now found book, so that it can be lent again. Furthermore, the sum of compensation must be paid back, and these work processes are the reason why we collect a further DKK 75 in fees.

If the replacement invoice has been paid already, the replacement cost of the book will be paid into the user's Nem-konto account less the fee of DKK 75.

Otherwise, a new invoice is forwarded for:

  • Administration fee per book: DKK 300
  • Fee for the forwarded invoice: DKK 150
  • Administration fee for new handling of the retrieved book: DKK 75.

Why must the books be replaced?

As a university library for Copenhagen University we must provide the students with study-relevant books.

When the users do not keep the deadlines and do not react to reminders and late-fees, the consequence is that other users cannot use the books.

So we regard the book as being lost, and we shall soon and insofar as possible buy a replacement copy.

Do you avoid damages if you buy a replacement copy yourself?

We have learned that in most cases it was more time-consuming than if we had bought the book ourselves. For instance, the user had not given us the same edition, or we had to wait far too long for the user to find a replacement copy. Therefore, we do no longer offer this option anymore, unfortunately.

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